Regents Park Kindergarten & Child Care

Early Childhood Cognitive Learning Framework

Approved Provider Casandra Bourke has spent endless hours in recent years compiling, researching, experimenting and consolidating her Pediatric Nursing and recent Child Psychology qualification and has published our very own KCC Cognitive Development and Learning Curriculum.

Through out her studies Casandra has related passionately to theorist Jean Piaget and Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia) and feels that the Cognitive Development and Learning for Early Childhood Curriculum relies heavily on both these two foundation theories. When Children do not develop in a healthy and stable manner than one cannot learn to the best of their abilities and this is the basis when designing this curriculum.

Well this means that your child will direct their own learning in a less formal manner which will be driven by the environment and the educator.

We as the educators will manage your child’s development based on a strong bond between child and educator which is the foundation to your child’s developmental milestones.

We are an approved Queensland Kindergarten Program and this curriculum is facilitated by our wonderful and dedicated, Miss Rita who is a qualified Early Childhood Primary School Teacher with over twenty-nine years experience.