Regents Park Kindergarten & Child Care

The RPKCC way

Here at Regents Park Kindergarten & Child Care we comply with the National Early Years Learning framework and do so by underpinning this with Emergent Curriculum practices which promote a learning environment that is enriched with play through the eyes of the children. We say here at Regents Park Kindergarten & Child Care that the children are the Directors, they direct the interests and we are the Managers in the partnership, we manage education within those interests.

Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program

At Regents Park Kindergarten and Child Care Centre, we offer a loving, personalised and high quality Kindergarten program, which has been given the tick of approval by the Queensland Government. 

Our Kindergarten program is based on five important areas of development, and we truly do believe that fostering these areas (identity, connectedness, wellbeing, active learning and communicating) in a play-based manner is what allows the children to become the beautiful, confident little beings they are. Learning through play is such a vital part of early childhood development; it is how children:

  • learn to be themselves
  • form relationships
  • make mistakes and grow form them
  • express their ideas in creative and unique ways
  • develop early literacy and numeracy skills
  • have fun and learn without even realising it!

Our Kindergarten program is tailored specifically to your child's individual needs, interests and skills. This is why we love it! There is never a page unturned in our children's little journey of learning! With the help and guidance of Miss Sarita who is our Bachelor qualified Teacher and Miss Chelsey who is our Diploma qualified Educator, the possibilities to learn and develop are endless. The children engaged in our Kindergarten program at Regents Park Kindergarten and Child Care Centre receive only the best start to their formal schooling journey, we can guarantee that. We take pride in our relationships with the local schools and Prep teachers and know that creating a smooth transition to Prep is very important.

We look forward to becoming a part of your child's journey to "big school"!

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our commitment

Here at Regents Park Kindergarten & Child Care we are committed to closing the gap between the intake of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children that access early childhood education. According to Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

In 2011, 4,691 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples lived in Yugambeh region. This represents 2.2% of the total resident

population currently only 6.9% of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander children who are residing within our custodial land attend a pre-school program (QLD Kindergarten approved program). It was with this in mind that we decided to break the barrier and started to build partnerships with our local community and organisations researching why this statistic is so low and how can we raise it. After two years of dedication our Operations Manager Casandra Bourke in conjunction with traditional land owners implemented an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Early Education & Inclusive Unit which will achieve Embedment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives within our center.